Respect The Shooter

Life + Times, November 7th, 2013

by Kai Acevedo

In August, hip hop’s favorite photographer, Jonathan Mannion, celebrated the 10-year anniversary of his famed Mannion Studio. The milestone, however, proved bittersweet. Due to the impending demolition of the building housing the studio, this anniversary would be the its last. But for Mannion, this isn’t a somber moment. “It’s a celebration, not a down moment that this is the end. It’s never the end,” he told Life+Times during our recent visit to the studio.

Serving as his headquarters during the last decade, Mannion Studios became the backdrop for many unforgettable images featuring the likes of Kanye West, Drake, Dwayne Wade and many others. As we sat down with the legendary photographer (and his French bulldog, Pocket) to discuss the closing of the space, he also spoke on shooting JAY Z‘s The Black Album, Kanye West and his love of Outkast.

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