REƧƎƎИ: A Transformation of Visualizations

September 2012

REƧƎƎИ was a creative journey that brought together 8 creative talents from different artistic fields for an interdisciplinary exchange of ideas all centered around the work of Jonathan Mannion.

For the first time ever, Mannion granted access to his entire photo archive, allowing the 7 artists to cultivate an open dialogue with him based on mutual inspiration; it sparked a creative clash that resulted in 7 unique pieces, each shaped by the artist’s own talent and skills.

Featured artists included:  Amine Bendriouich (Fashion), Christian Awe (Painting), Conny Dreher (Graphic Design), Ebon Heath (Typography), Good Wives and Warriors (Painting), Lukas Feireiss (Illustration) and Noelle (Sculpting).